Formation of Arrivo – The Arrival Company

LOS ANGELES, February 9, 2017

Veteran engineer Brogan BamBrogan announced today the formation of Arrivo – The Arrival Company, to commercialize technology for high-speed Hyperloop transportation systems in the United States and elsewhere.

BamBrogan, a former SpaceX engineer who most recently served as a co-founder and chief technology officer of Hyperloop One, will serve as chief executive of the new company. He is one of seven industry leaders who are co-founding Arrivo, including five former executives and engineers from Hyperloop One, and two engineers from SpaceX and AECOM.

“We’re excited to have assembled such an amazing team of founders to take on this great challenge,” BamBrogan said. “We believe deeply in this concept and are eager to bring our unique vision to the market. Los Angeles is the center of engineering and innovation and we’re proud to be headquartered in this great city.”

Arrivo has initial funding in place and is rapidly building its engineering team, with 30+ employees expected to be in place by June and 70 to 80 by year-end. Beyond the lure of re-imagining earth’s transportation network, Arrivo is also offering market-leading salaries and equity.

Hyperloop is a next-generation transportation technology that can deliver cargo and passengers quickly, safely and efficiently. The concept was proven last month by student and research teams that entered a SpaceX sponsored competition to demonstrate the feasibility of the Hyperloop technology.

Arrivo has several projects and partnerships moving forward and is on track to establish two test sites, one of which will be in the United States. The company expects to have revenue-generating projects operational within three years.

BamBrogan said the co-founders named the company Arrivo after the Italian word for “arrival” to emphasize that the goal of travel is the destination, not the journey or the transportation experience. “Why travel when you can arrive?” he explained.

Among the co-founders is Andrew Liu, who was most recently a senior vice president of Los Angeles based global engineering and construction firm AECOM, bringing 20+ years of experience designing transit infrastructure to the new company. His first transit project in 1996 was in his hometown of Los Angeles for the Metro Gold Line.

“It’s been an honor to support the growth of the Hyperloop industry from the infrastructure side. After witnessing the landscape of companies getting into the space, I’m proud to bring Arrivo’s vision to fruition, working alongside this talented group of company founders,” Liu said.