Category: Software and applications
Business profile: Formed to solve the unique challenges of today’s mobile economy, Appboy is an intelligent customer relationship suite for mobile marketers. Our technology empowers brands to build better relationships with their customers through mobile and other digital marketing channels.

Built around holistic profiles that offer a single view of the customer, Appboy’s robust audience segmentation and advanced multi-channel messaging system allow brands to create and automate highly personalized lifecycle marketing campaigns in every relevant channel — from push, in-app, and web to email, wearables, and emerging technologies.

Thousands of global marketers use Appboy to power over a billion user profiles worldwide, allowing them to better engage, retain, and monetize their customers. Appboy helps brands like Domino’s, iHeartMedia, PicsArt, SoundCloud, and Urban Outfitters deliver meaningful, relevant campaign messages to their audiences tied together across devices and channels at scale, powered by data. Appboy is venture backed with over 100 employees and offices in New York, San Francisco and London.
Address: 263 West 38th St, floor 16, New York, NY 10018
Phone number: +1 (504) 327 7269