Appboy Launches Support for Facebook Messenger

NEW YORK, July 28, 2016

Appboy Launches Support for Facebook Messenger, Safari Web Push Alongside New Product “Canvas”

New Channels, and Visualization Tool, Empower Marketers to More Cohesively Connect Journeys Across the Entirety of the Customer Lifecycle

Appboy, the global leader in customer relationship technology for mobile marketers, today announced Canvas, a new product with a unified interface where marketers can create multichannel campaigns based on real-time analytics to shape steps in each customer’s unique journey with their brand. Appboy also announced support for Facebook Messenger and Safari Web Push, two new channels in its extensive portfolio.

Launching on the heels of major technology conferences such as: F8, Google I/O, and WWDC, Appboy introduces these products and features as part of their efforts to continue to focus on the marketer and their evolving needs to satisfy today’s changing consumer alongside major technology advancements. With these announcements, marketers can now:

Continue to bridge the gap between old and new channels along the customer journey, all while moving at the speed of mobile.
Harness the power of customer interactions happening in real-time, and action on them to offer contextual experiences for anyone engaging with their brand, wherever they happen to be.
Visualize and design multistep, cross-channel messaging strategies and analyze them as a whole unit.
“Appboy is a great partner. They have scaled with our growing needs to reach the connected customer, empowered us with the solutions that allow us to capture the who, what, when, and where aspects of lifecycle marketing, all while moving at the speed of mobile,” said Amit Shah, senior vice president, “They continue to innovate to offer brands like us the ability to offer a great user experience wherever our customers happen to be.”

Earlier this year, Appboy announced support for their existing web SDK (which offered in-browser messages and personalized news feed cards) with web push for Chrome and Firefox, furthering the ability for marketers to connect data between the desktop/mobile web and native app experiences. Today’s announcement only continues to support Appboy’s relentless mission to offer a technology solution that empowers brands to build better relationships with their customers by meeting them wherever they are in our increasingly connected world.

“Customer journeys are more unpredictable than ever before as the lines between apps, web, social, and the physical world increasingly blur,” said Myles Kleeger, CRO of Appboy. “As a result, marketers need to understand cross-platform behavior and adapt their strategies with contextual messages that meet the customer wherever they are. Canvas is a holistic visualization and campaign orchestration tool that makes it easy for marketers to scale from the most simplistic to sophisticated lifecycle campaign, giving them the opportunity to influence real-time behavior oh each individual customer at scale.”

About Appboy

Formed to solve the unique challenges of today’s mobile economy, Appboy is an intelligent customer relationship suite for mobile-first marketers. Our technology empowers brands to build better relationships with their customers through mobile and other digital marketing channels.

Built around holistic profiles that offer a single view of the customer, Appboy’s robust audience segmentation and advanced multichannel messaging system allow brands to create and automate highly personalized lifecycle marketing campaigns in every relevant channel — from push, in-app, and web to email, wearables, and emerging technologies.

Thousands of global marketers worldwide use Appboy to connect with over 500 million active users, with 85 billion real-time events and 2 billion messages processed through our platform each month. Appboy helps brands like, Domino’s, Tinder, iHeartMedia, Opera, and SoundCloud to better engage, retain, and monetize their customers. Appboy is venture backed with over 120 employees with offices in New York, San Francisco, and London.