Category: Investments
Business profile: APIR is an international standards, coding and data services business for the wealth management industry. APIR has been a key player in the funds management industry since it was founded in Australia in 1993, and where today some $2 trillion USD worth of investments are transacted, managed and administered using our codes and data services.

APIR’s success has been built on a couple of simple philosophies; to stand in the consumer’s shoes and to make the ‘intangible tangible’, thereby making what is a very complex industry understandable to the consumer and the general industry at large. As part of that philosophy APIR has provided services to the industry that synthesize the regulatory, investment, marketing and operational aspects of the industry into a single clear view. That clarity then underpins the information services we are able to provide to consumers as they become investors and customers of the industry.

In Hong Kong, one of the world’s great financial centres, the financial services industry makes a great contribution to the economy of Hong Kong. APIR sees immense opportunities to support the industry and the people of Hong Kong in their shared goal of building a better, more secure financial future.
Address: 27/Floor BLINK, 109-111 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone number: +852 2264 5338
Website: www.apir.hk