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Business profile: Founded in 2013, by James Van Allen Educational Trust, Allen Classes, is recognized for its excellence in academic programs for IIT-JEE and Medical Level. We believe in providing the best possible facilities to our students. Our endeavour is to create a congenial atmosphere to nurture talent through the support and guidance of experience faculty with an access to state of the art infrastructure.

For over a century, education has remained largely unchanged. Despite many technological advances and the introduction of new pedagogical concepts, the majority of today’s Institute continue to utilize the age old traditional mode. The world is changing – it is getting both smaller and bigger at the same time. As a result of the ability to communicate globally and the information explosion, education must change. Most educators might not want to change, but the change is coming and you will feel the difference at Allen Classes. The challenge is to prepare the students of today for a world that has yet to be created.

Allen Classes with the help of its qualified and experienced faculty for various disciplines create a perfect blend of academicians, researchers, and professionals from both public and private sectors all of whom contribute to the institute’s academic excellence in the state of Bihar. Allen Classes is committed to offer the best infrastructure and facilities so as to ensure standards of excellence and supreme quality for the students. The Institute provides excellent infra-structural facilities with Equipped Laboratories, Spacious and Furnished Classrooms, Seminar Hall, Library, Hostel facilities with Healthy Food etc.

Allen Classes is an institution focused on creating a new benchmark in the field of education. It is set up with the objective of providing the best education tot he students. It is also focused on helping the students to realize their goals and true potential. Our research & development team has developed the finest teaching methodology incorporating the latest trends of different competitive (Engineering and Medical) examinations. With times we have very well learnt the educational skill up-gradation and training to all by using innovative technology.
Address: 1st Floor, Maa Bhagwati Complex, Boring Road Chauraha, Patna, Bihar, India
Phone number: +91 9334 615 053