and Lingoland Create a New Model for Interactive Language Learning

SANTA CLARA, California, August 17, 2016

Lingoland Adopts Real-Time Communications to Offer a Seamless Language Learning Experience in 3D Environments, a leader in internet-based global real-time communications, today announced that Agora Voice, the company’s real-time audio solution, is powering Lingoland, an immersion program for language learning. In the Lingoland mobile app, students can roleplay with live English tutors in realistic 3D scenes like San Francisco, New York City, and many more soon.

“ provides excellent connectivity across the Pacific Ocean. We will not succeed if the connections between our students and tutors drop. Getting WebRTC to work across the globe with low latency is very challenging, and given that our students are in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, Agora was the clear choice,” said Tony Diepenbrock, CEO of Lingoland. “Our students frequently comment on the quality of our tutors’ voices in Lingoland, and they are surprised when they realize their tutor is more than 11,000 kilometers away.”

“Lingoland is an excellent example of how embedding real-time communications into an application dramatically changes the user experience. Previously, language learning was more of a one-way flow,” said Tony Zhao, founder and CEO of “By leveraging real-time communications, Lingoland’s 3D learning environments are fun, contextual, and deliver immediate feedback – all key elements when an individual learns to master a foreign language.”

Lingoland chose to work with for its real-time communications capabilities across the globe, mobile last mile optimization, and easy-to-integrate SDKs. The implement greatly helped the startup to boost development speed, which only took two weeks with no upfront cost.

Digital English language learning reached revenues of $2.8 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to $3.8 billion by 2020. In 2015, China was the top buying country in the Asia Pacific region, followed by South Korea and Japan1- countries where Lingoland has already established a user base.

About Lingoland

Lingoland is a foreign language immersion program that students can experience from home. In the Lingoland app, students are matched with live English tutors in realistic 3D scenes like San Francisco, New York and London. In these scenes, the Lingoland tutor roleplays with the student offering them real-world practice in common scenarios like ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, and talking about travel destinations. Lingoland is available on iOS and Android.

About is a real-time communications provider delivering video and voice communications across devices and global networks with a guaranteed quality-of-experience. The company’s easy-to-inteågrate SDKs and global network, spanning 100 data centers worldwide, make it easy to embed premium quality video & voice into mobile and web applications.