Admedo Rising to 5280: New Office Opens in Denver

DENVER, September 23, 2016

Programmatic advertising technology company, Admedo, is climbing to new heights as its US presence expands to Denver, Colorado, to meet the needs of the city’s boutique agency network.

Admedo operates globally, with headquarters in London. Its new offices in Denver represent the first phase in a plan to extend beyond New York and LA, where a solid 18-month base has been operating. The plan includes multiple presences throughout the Central Corridor, with Austin, Texas, cited as the next stop.

Preston Ketchum, EVP Admedo Americas, says of the expansion, “We’ve experienced some really amazing growth in the last twelve months, but we haven’t been able to deliver the level of attention to clients outside the East and West Coast that we’d like to. We looked at the whole of the US, and said ‘where do we need to be?’ It turns out that Denver was a no-brainer. Location-wise, we’re now within a few hours of all the key states, but the real pull is the remarkable boom in independent agency activity here – these are the types of creative, disruptive people we love to work with.”

The importance of this expansion is underlined by its timing; with Q4 activity at the top of advertiser and agency priority lists from now until the end of the year, these companies will be seeking to ensure their advertising arsenal is ready for the pre-holiday season.

Many independent agencies, whose specialty falls outside digital media, are turning to programmatic as a tool to support or augment their existing tools and skill-set, but transparency and customization are big issues that slow down the adoption process. This is why Ketchum believes Admedo’s flexible and entirely transparent setup are well-suited to the Denver agency scene: “There’s a real gold rush happening here; these smaller boutique agencies want to grow without red tape, and they expect the control, support, transparency and technology to which enterprise agencies and brands have access. Admedo offers the in-house solution with minimum barriers to entry, whereas competitor tech stacks rely on restrictive contracts, and misleading results – good reasons to not get involved with programmatic – but we’re trying to show that this isn’t the way it has to be done”.

Admedo has been providing agencies, advertisers, and publishers with programmatic advertising solutions for over three-years, and it is shaking up the industry with unrivaled transparency, ease-of-use and performance. In the DSP market, it is unique, delivering a seamless user experience and uncensored campaign insights, whilst operating without binding contracts.