Activus Rebrands as Cegedim Insurance Solutions

BRISTOL, England and PARIS, March 5, 2018

Activus Ltd. has rebranded as Cegedim Insurance Solutions. Founded in 1993, Activus built a global client base upon its award-winning health insurance management solution Actisure. This led to its acquisition by Cegedim in July 2015, Activus has since been an integral part of the group’s Insurance Solutions Business Unit. Activus is now rebranding as Cegedim Insurance Solutions to further strengthen the Business Unit’s global standing.

Cegedim Insurance Solutions addresses the needs of all the players within the Healthcare Insurance ecosystem: insurers, brokers, practitioners and patients. As well as ensuring continued development in Actisure, it has been constantly integrating its offering, digital solutions for prevention and hospital stay management as well as complimentary capabilities such as teleconsultation, online appointment scheduling and healthcare provider assessment.

“Insurers looking to establish a competitive edge by optimising their claims processes, maximising visibility over their provider networks and delivering a greater customer experience can turn with confidence to Cegedim Insurance Solutions. With our expert R&D capabilities in Bristol and Toulouse, we have laid down a solid, comprehensive digital platform upon which healthcare insurers can build for success, either by integrating existing systems or deploying solutions from our ever-expanding suite,” said Philippe Simon, President of Cegedim Insurance Solutions.

“When we talk to key market players, conversations are no longer limited to, for example, policy and claims management. Solution providers are now expected to address many other challenges, including wellness, hospital stay management and gamification, and to do so in the Cloud. We have the solutions to do so; and it is imperative that we communicate to the market that we can solve so many more of the challenges it faces, with Actisure at the heart of our portfolio,” added Peter Crook, CEO Cegedim Insurance Solutions International Division.

Activus’ Executive Leadership Team will now head Cegedim Insurance Solutions’ International Division, with Peter Crook as Chief Executive Officer, Clive Kinsley as Chief Operating Officer, James Stokoe as Chief Commercial Officer and Phil Garbutt as Chief Technology Officer, joined by Stéphane Lacire as Chief Transformation Officer.

About Cegedim Insurance Solutions

Cegedim Insurance Solutions is a global leader in software and services across the healthcare ecosystem, from insurers and social welfare institutions to professionals, intermediaries and end users. Its end-to-end solutions suite supports 230,000 professionals and 43 million beneficiaries, with EUR2.9 billion in benefits paid and 400 million data flows processed annually. Cegedim Insurance Solutions is a business unit of Cegedim, whose 4,200 people generated EUR457m in revenue in 2017.